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You can find my contact email in the about section of my YouTube channel (make sure you're logged in on YouTube)


Can I use your music...


...as background music in my YouTube video, Twitch streams, school project, non profit game, other non profit project?



You can also monetize your YouTube videos and Twitch streams.


Please include a link back to my track on YouTube in your description or the artist+track name on screen while it plays.




...as an instrumental for my song?


Yes, if it is non profit,








Will I get copyright claims or takedowns if I use your music in my content on YouTube/Twitch?


I do not Content ID-claim any of my music. I probably never will, but if I ever do, Ill make sure there is a way to whitelist anyone, who uses the music in their videos.


Your content could still receive copyright claims. This happens, because a few people recorded songs over my instrumentals and registered them with YouTube Content ID without my permission.

Because YouTube can not distinguish between the song recorded over my instrumental and the original instrumental itself, everything receives claims.

Im working on getting these songs removed from Content ID, but I cant guarantee you wont get any claims at any point.

You should always dispute claims that shows some other artist/song name that has nothing to do with my track.

Can I use your music?